uNIFIED Community Choir

Creating a Path to Friendship and Understanding


“Shout for joy to God, all the earth;”

Psalm 66:1

The uNIFIED Community Choir is a partnership between Grace Community Christian Church and the families of special needs young adults and older. At GCCC, we believe the entire community benefits when all of creation sings praises, and particularly when the voices of special needs are blended with their community peers.

Grace Community Christian Church welcomes all those who find joy in lifting their voices in unity and desire to fellowship through their love of music. From high school age and up, all are invited to join by registering here.

Sessions generally include 5-6 weekly practices, followed by a performance. T-Shirts and snacks are provided.

A typical practice starts with a warm-up drill followed by new song introductions. There is a ten to fifteen minute fellowship break and more practicing.

Covid, Post Covid Notes: We have successfully moved to virtual session. This has removed geographical boundaries. Please share with anyone, anywhere who loves to sing!

Interested in helping out? Click here




"Peer" & "Community Peer"

In an effort to facilitate conversation and not get bogged down by ever evolving language, GCCC has agreed to use the term “peer” or “community peer” to communicate “one who has a style of neurocognitive functioning that falls within the dominant societal standards of “normal.”” It is not meant as a value judgement. 

Past & Current Events

  • 2019 Winter Session
  • 2019 Summer Session
  • 2019 Holiday Session
  • 2019 Christmas Caroling
  • 2020 Spring Session
  • 2021 Spring Session
  • 2021 Winter Session
  • 2022 Spring Session
  • 2022 Fall Session

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Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.