New to Grace

Orientation for Those New to Grace

  • We make an effort to explain our worship in such a way that a guest can understand and experience worship in a meaningful way.
  • All adults are invited to participate in a Community Group to develop friendships and support and do good Bible study.
  • You can ask Pastor Gilmore or one of our elders for a conference if you have questions you would like to discuss in private.

Ministry fairs
On regular occasion, we sponsor ministry fairs in which the Ministry teams of the church have displays and explanations of the things they do. This is a great chance to learn how you might get more involved.


If you walked in for the first time to worship with us, you would find:


  • Our typical worship service is filled with upbeat fresh contemporary Christian Praise / Worship music as well as old favorites. Our services are distinctive and fresh; there’s something for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Here at Grace, we believe in diversity; not only in the way we teach the Gospel but also an expression of praises we sing to our Lord and King.”
  • A typical visitor will find our environment warm, friendly, welcoming and non-intrusive – you’re free to be yourself at Grace. God loves us and welcomes us as a family for who we are
  • The style of dress is relaxed and varied. Some people come in suits and dresses while others dress in jeans and sandals.
  • We celebrate communion every week as a regular practice. People may either take a piece of bread and dip it in the cup on one end of the table as they come forward OR they can go to the other end of the table and take a wafer and small, individual cup and return to their seat.
  • You will see lay people (people other than our pastor) sharing in the communion service.
  • We sing a lot.
  • The preaching is designed to introduce people to Christ, help people make sense of their lives, and provide inspiration for people to grow and find fulfillment in their lives.
  • An invitation is given every week for people to commit their lives to Christ, join the church by transfer or placement of membership.
  • Refreshments are available in the lobby before and after worship.
  • People are available at the close of each service to pray with whoever might desire prayer.
  • Our sermon message is intended to stimulate your thinking about a particular passage or passages in the Bible. We believe in teaching people to think about the Word as conveyed in the Bible without lecturing to people. Scripture from the Bible can be interpreted in more than one way by lay people, as well as by Biblical scholars and theologians. Differences of interpretation exist and we don’t try to hide such differences.

What kind of Church are We?

  • We are a member congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the oldest native-born denomination in our country. Each congregation functions independently but we cooperate with churches around the globe in mission and development of resources.

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Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.