Children Ministries

Young children ages come together and learn about the bible and the many story and lessons it has to offer. In this ministry, the children get to talk about the sermon and what they think the story is about. Also while they talk about the sermon they do crafts that relate to what was talked about that Sunday.

Grace Community Christian Church offers a blended approach to including elementary-aged children in Sunday morning service. We believe children benefit from singing and praying alongside their families, and witnessing the invitation to the communion table. Prior to the sermon, the children are invited to the front to hear an age-appropriate summary of the sermon and then are excused to explore the story in more depth with a Sunday School teacher. Faith is first and foremost modeled in the home and It is our goal that each Sunday families will have a common message to discuss during the ride home and upcoming week.

” For these children we have prayed.” 1 Samuel 1:27

Children at Grace Community Christian Church play an important, integral role in worship services and are encouraged to become involved in age-appropriate Bible studies and mission opportunities.


  • We provide a Children’s Moment prior to the sermon. They are then invited to hear an age-appropriate version of the sermon in Graceland rooms for children that are adjacent to the sanctuary. They rejoin their family for the balance of the service which includes singing, communion, and fellowship.
  • Parental Permission Form (19.87 KB)

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Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Grace Community Christian Church. All Rights Reserved.