Our Mission


We are called by Christ to . . . KNOW GOD AND MAKE GOD KNOWN
Passionately invite people to know God and lead them into an exciting, growing relationship with Jesus.

We believe that there is a helpful path for followers of Jesus to follow. Engaging in each of these allows a follower to grow spiritually, live abundantly, and live a life of significance. We try to provide an environment for each of these things to happen.

WORSHIP – Praise the Lord together as visitors, newcomers and a family of believers.

CONNECT – Help people to know each other as individuals, families and people of faith,
so they will be led to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

EQUIP- those who participate in church life and those volunteering in service,
so their relationships with God through Jesus are improved.

SERVE- God, each other, our community and those in need throughout the world.

INVITE- people into an environment where they feel welcome and encouraged to connect
with others, so they might experience the joy of knowing God.