Not Sure About Visiting?

We would be happy to answer some questions you may have.


"We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ." (NLT)

We believe that growth in Christ is a cradle-to-the-grave endeavor. The Bible makes it clear that we are all on a journey and few of us are at the same spot. Our goal, as the scripture says, is to provide people the chance to move forward in their relationship with Jesus. It begins with children and the ministries of our church encompass all age groups beyond.

We work to move people through the 5 life systems of church to help them learn, grow, and flourish.


Connect (with others and with God)

Equip (Bible study, service training, prayer training, etc.)

Serve (being missional with their lives)

Invite (Since God is good, we want other people to not miss out)

On the links to the left you can find the various ways in which we provide ministry opportunities for people to dig in, discover, and enjoy the life of faith.